Use Maps and Bluetooth on your iPhone and iPad

Learn how to use Maps on your iPhone or iPad with a Bluetooth accessory.

Before you get started


Manage your Navigation Voice settings

When you use Maps on your iPhone or iPad that's connected to a Bluetooth accessory in your vehicle, you can access and manage your Navigation Voice settings. For example, you can turn your music down and hear Navigation Voice prompts through your stereo speakers and turn-by-turn directions on your iPhone or iPad. To manage these settings, follow these steps:

  1. Open Maps on your iPhone or iPad and enter your destination.
  2. After you tap get directions to get directions, swipe up on the Route Card.
  3. Tap Audio.
  4. Tap the volume level that you want for Navigation Voice.

You can also control settings to pause the audio during navigation or control the audio output from your iPhone or iPad. When audio plays, the audio output can only be managed from Control Center on your iPhone or iPad.

Allow HFP Prompts

Hands-free profile (HFP) allows navigation prompts to play through your car speakers when iPhone isn't selected as the audio source. When you pair your iPhone with Bluetooth, HFP turns on by default. If you don't see the HFP option, your car stereo might not support it. Check the user guide for your car to see if your stereo supports HFP.

If you don't see the HFP setting when your iPhone is connected to your stereo, check with the stereo manufacturer. The HFP feature depends on your car stereo and your iPhone or iPad needs to have iOS 7. 1 or later.


Pause Spoken Audio

Spoken Audio briefly pauses audiobooks and podcasts whenever Maps provides spoken directions. Spoken Audio doesn't pause music. 

Pause Spoken Audio is on by default if your Navigation Voice is set to Normal Volume or Loud Volume. If you select No Voice or Low Volume, Pause Spoken Audio turns off.

Published Date: Fri Nov 04 20:55:25 GMT 2016