About Find My Friends

With Find My Friends you can easily locate your friends and family from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or on iCloud.com.

What do I need to use Find My Friends?

How do I set up Find My Friends?

If your device is using iOS 9 or later, Find My Friends is automatically installed. If your device is using a version of iOS 8, install the free Find My Friends app. When you sign in to iCloud on your device, you automatically sign in to Find My Friends with your Apple ID.

You can also use Find My Friends with Family Sharing or on iCloud.com.


How do I add a friend?

To use Find My Friends, your friend also needs to have Find My Friends on their iOS device. You can only add friends using Find My Friends on your iOS device. To add your friend:

  1. Open Find My Friends and tap Add.
  2. Choose a friend or enter your friend's email address, then tap Done to send the request.

After your friend agrees to share their location with you using Find My Friends, you can see that friend’s location on a list or on a map in Find My Friends on your iOS device or on iCloud.com.

If you have friends in another account, you can move them to your current Apple ID, so that all your friends are in one place:

  1. Tap Find My Friends > Me.
  2. Scroll down and tap Move friends from a different Apple ID.
  3. Sign in with your previous Apple ID.

If you want to, you can choose which email address to use when sending requests to friends:

  • On an iPhone or iPod touch, tap Me, then tap Send As.
  • On an iPad, tap the List button, tap Me, tap Info, then tap Send As.

With the Find My Friends app on iCloud.com, you can only see your friends and their location or change settings for sharing your location. To add friends, you need to use an iOS device.

How often does my device transmit my location with Find My Friends?

Your location is sent from your device when someone requests to see your location. It isn't transmitted on a regular interval. For more information, see the iCloud security & privacy overview.

Is there a way to hide from followers?

Yes. You can hide or stop sharing your location. To stop sharing from Find My Friends:

Tap Find My Friends and tap Me. Then turn off Share My Location.


Tap Done. You'll see Not sharing location next to Me at the bottom of the screen.


You can also go to Settings > iCloud, scroll down, tap Share My Location, then turn off Share My Location. You can still see the location of your friends, but your friends see “Location Not Available” when they try to locate you.

If you're using the Find My Friends app on iCloud.com, you can stop sharing your location by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to iCloud.com and open Find My Friends.
  2. Select Me.
  3. Deselect Share My Location.


Can I use Find My Friends on more than one device at a time?

Yes. You can sign in to Find My Friends and use it from any iOS device you own. However, only one device can transmit your location to your followers. You can choose which one to use in Find My Friends:

  • On an iPhone or iPod touch, tap Me, then tap a device under Share My Location From.
  • On an iPad, tap the List button, tap Me, tap Info, then tap a device under Share My Location From.

This choice only appears when you're currently signed in to Find My Friends on multiple devices.

I accepted a location request from someone. Why can't I see their location?

If you accept someone's request to follow your location, that person can then see your location. If you want to see that person's location, you must invite them, and they must accept your invitation.

If you accept a request from a friend that you’re not following, a follow request is sent to your friend automatically.

Is there a limit to the number of friends, followers, or temporary events?

  • You can follow up to 50 friends.
  • You can have up to 50 friends follow you.
  • You can participate in up to 10 temporary events.
  • Each temporary event can contain up to 50 friends.
  • Temporary friends don't count against your permanent friends limits.


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