Listen to the news in the Apple News app

Listen to Apple News Today and Apple News+ audio stories in the Audio tab.

Apple News Today and audio stories are available only in English in the U.S. for iPhone, iPod touch, and CarPlay.

Listen to an audio story or Apple News Today briefing

You can browse and listen to audio stories or hear the latest Apple News Today briefing in the Audio tab.

  1. Open the News app and tap Audio.
  2. Tap Play at the top to hear Apple News Today or scroll through the available stories and tap a story to play it.

In your Today feed, some news stories offer an audio option. Tap a story to open it, and tap Listen at the top to start the audio narration. If you switch to audio as you're reading, you can start listening to the story from the point where you stopped reading. If you switch from listening to reading, the story scrolls to the point where you were listening. If you connect to CarPlay as you're listening, the story will transfer.

Audio stories are available only for Apple News+ subscribers. If you're not subscribed to Apple News+, you'll hear a short preview of a story. Learn how to join Apple News+.


Control audio playback

On your iPhone or iPod touch, playback controls appear when you listen to an audio story or Apple News Today. The controls are still available even as you move around the News app. You can tap the mini player at any time to expand the controls. To close the controls, tap the mini player, tap the More button More button, and tap Close Audio Player.


Tap the rewind 15 seconds button  to jump back 15 seconds.

Skip stories

To play the next story in your queue, tap the Next Story button . Stories you've skipped appear in your Recently Played list.

Adjust the playback speed

To play the audio story or Apple News Today faster or more slowly, tap the playback speed button playback speed.

Manage your queue

You can add stories to your Up Next queue and remove ones you don't want to listen to.

Add a story to your Up Next queue

  1. From the Audio tab, touch and hold a story.
  2. Tap Play Next to move the story to the top of your Up Next queue. To move it to the bottom and have it play at the end, tap Play Last.

You can also adjust your Up Next queue manually. Touch and hold a story to drag it to any spot in your queue.

Delete a story

  1. Touch and hold the story you want to delete.
  2. Tap Delete.

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