Use HomeKit Secure Video

Customize your video recording, notification, storage, and sharing options—all with HomeKit Secure Video.

What you need

Streaming video and storing video clips don't require an iCloud storage plan. If you want to record your video, you need a 200GB iCloud storage plan to support one camera and a 2TB storage plan to support up to five cameras.

Set up your camera

  1. Before you begin, you might need to install the camera manufacturer’s iOS app for setup. Check with your camera manufacturer for details. 
  2. Add your camera as an accessory in the Home app. You'll see a notification on your device that says that your camera is added. Make sure that you add your camera to the same network that your Home app is on and that the network is stable. If your network disconnects while you're recording, your video might not be stored. 
  3. Choose when your camera streams and records and who can view that video, change your camera's accessory settings, switch the room where your camera is located in the Home app, or add your camera to Favorites. You can also change these settings later. When you're finished, tap Done. 

You'll get a notification if you reach the maximum number of recording-enabled cameras supported with your iCloud storage plan. 

The Apple ID that you use for the Home app allows up to five total recording-enabled cameras across as many homes as you own. Members of a Family Sharing iCloud storage plan share this limit with everyone else on the storage plan. To record with more than five cameras, you need to use another Apple ID with another iCloud storage plan.

Change your settings

To adjust camera settings, tap the video feed in the Home app on your iOS device and tap Settings .

  • Tap Notifications to change how you receive notifications. You can turn notifications on or off, receive them when certain motion is detected, when no one is home, and more. Notification settings might vary by camera manufacturer.

You can also change recording settings and view video clips and streams in the Home app with macOS 10.15.1.

Review and share your video

View your video streams and recordings in the Home tab of the Home app under Favorite Cameras, or in the room in Home app where you've put the camera. Members of your home can also view video streams in the Home app on Mac or on Apple Watch. The primary Home app user can restrict which home users can view all video recordings

To review video clips tap the video feed in the Home app on your iOS device. 

  • Look above the video to see what time and day you're viewing. Use the calendar above the video to view recordings on a specific day. You can view the last ten days of recorded video clip history that's stored in iCloud.
  • Use the video timeline at the bottom of the screen to play or pause the recording, or drag your finger left or right on the timeline to move back or forward in the video. If you see a person, animal, or car icon on the timeline, tap the icon to watch a recorded video clip from when your home hub detected motion. Pinch the timeline with two fingers to zoom in and see your frames in more detail.
  • To share your video clips with other people, apps, or save them to iCloud or Photos, tap .
  • Tap  to view other accessories located in the same room as your camera in the Home app. 

You can also change recording settings and view video clips and streams in the Home app with macOS 10.15.1.

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