Adjust the length of steps in Arpeggiator in Logic Pro for Mac

Create unique arpeggio grooves by adjusting the length of individual steps in a pattern, and by tying steps together.

The Arpeggiator MIDI plug-in generates musically interesting arpeggios based on incoming MIDI notes. An arpeggio is a succession of notes in a chord played one after the other in a pattern. You can customize each individual step in an Arpeggio pattern using Arpeggio Grid mode. The grid consists of up to 128 steps. To create different grooves, you can change the length of each step and tie together multiple steps. You can also control other parameters like changing each step’s velocity and changing the cycle length of the pattern.

Change the length of a step

  1. In the Arpeggio plug-in, click Pattern to open the plug-in’s pattern parameters.

  2. Click Grid to turn on Grid mode. Each bar in the grid indicates a step in the pattern.

  3. To adjust the length of a step:

    • To shorten a step, drag the bar to the left.

    • To lengthen a step, drag the bar to the right. Dragging snaps to fixed positions at 1%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% of the step length.

  4. To drag the step length freely, hold Shift and drag a step.


Tie steps together

You can also tie together multiple steps, creating longer sustaining notes in the pattern. Drag the bar to the right until it overlaps the next step. When you drag the bar across an active step, the original velocity of the step is replaced by the velocity of the step you’re dragging. When you drag the bar across an inactive step (a rest), it automatically turns that step on at the velocity of the step you’re dragging.

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