Logic Pro/Express 9: Defining Custom Bank Messages

Learn about defining custom bank messages with Logic Pro and Express 9.

Logic offers several preset bank select message formats, but in some cases you will need to define a custom message format to change banks on a particular synthesizer. Most synthesizers use a combination of Control 0 (Bank MSB) and Control 32 (Bank LSB) events to trigger bank changes. MSB and LSB stand for "most significant byte" and "least significant byte," respectively. Consult the MIDI implementation chart for your synthesizer to determine the particular combination it requires for bank changes.

To configure Logic to send custom bank messages:

  1. In the Environment, select the Multi-Instrument for the synthesizer for which you would like to define custom bank messages.
  2. From the local Options menu, choose Define Custom Bank Messages.
  3. A Bank Select Event List will open, with an MSB message for 16 banks already defined. This event list is similar to the normal MIDI edit event list, with one difference: Under the Position column is a bank number instead of the usual timeline position.
  4. Click Create and then click Controller to add a controller event. A new CC7 message will be added to the top of the list.
  5. To change the CC7 message to a CC32 message, click "7" in the Number column and select 32 (bank LSB) from the pop-up menu that appears. Change the value to whatever your synthesizer requires to call up the specified bank. If necessary, adjust the Control 0 Bank MSB event's value.
  6. If your synthesizer requires that the Control 0 and Control 32 messages be received in a particular order, you may specify the order by changing the letter in parentheses to the right of the bank number. Earlier letters will be sent before later letters.
  7. Continue to add and edit events until you have defined the messages needed to call up each bank on your synthesizer.

    Note: If your synthesizer has more than 16 banks, create multiple Multi-Instruments for groups of up to 16 banks each.

  8. Double-click on the Multi-Instrument to open the Multi-Instrument Window and set the Bank Message to *Custom Bank Messages*.



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