Logic Pro: Use Producer Kits for maximum customisation of Drum Kit Designer

Find out how to use a Producer Kit patch to get the most options and control when you're creating a customised drum kit in the Drum Kit Designer plug-in.

When you add a Drummer track to a song, a stereo Drum Kit patch is assigned:


If you open the Drum Kit Designer plug-in and click on a kit piece, such as the kick drum, you will have a choice of three kick drums and several adjustments that affect the sound.


For each stereo drum kit patch, there is a corresponding Producer Kit patch. Besides offering multi-channel mixing, the Producer Kit patch allows you much more control over the sound of the drum kit. Here is the same Drum Kit in a Producer Kit patch:


Instead of the 3 kick drums that are available in the stereo kit, you can choose from 13 kick drums. Scroll through the list of kick drums to see additional choices. You also have control over whether the overhead mics pick up the kick drum and whether the kick drum picks up leakage from other kit pieces, as well having the option to set an alternative room for the kick. 


The snare offers 15 choices (instead of 3) with all of the same sound adjustments as the kick.


In the Producer Kit, you can choose from eight sets of toms, whereas the stereo kit allows no tom swapping. 


You can choose from seven sets of cymbals and six hi-hats in a Producer kit.


After you have configured your new drum kit, click the Save button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Patch Library.

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