Final Cut Pro X: Solo, disable, and enable clips

Solo, disable, and enable clips

Sometimes, it’s helpful to compare how a project plays with and without certain clips. In Final Cut Pro, you can quickly play one clip’s audio, excluding audio from other clips. This feature, called solo, works by disabling the audio in all unselected clips in the timeline. You can also disable (rather than delete) selected clips, making them invisible and silent during playback. Disabled clips don’t appear in any output. You can just as easily reenable them.

Solo selected items

  1. In the timeline, select the clips you want to isolate.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Clip > Solo (or press Option-S).

    • Click the Solo button in the top-right corner of the timeline.

      The Solo button above the timeline

    When solo is turned on, the Solo button turns blue, and the soloed clips are outlined in yellow. Nonsoloed clips are shown in black and white.

    A soloed clip with a yellow border in the timeline, and nonsoloed clips appearing in black and white
  3. To turn off solo, click the Solo button again.

Disable and reenable one or more clips

  1. Select one or more clips in the timeline.

  2. Choose Clip > Disable (or press V).

    Disabled clips are dimmed in the timeline and are invisible and silent during playback.

    The same clip shown disabled and enabled in the timeline
  3. To reenable the disabled clips, select them in the timeline, then choose Clip > Enable (or press V).

You can also solo, disable, or silence audio clips in Final Cut Pro. For more information, see Solo and mute audio clips.

Published Date: Mar 22, 2019