The iPad Home Screen. On the left side of the screen is Today View, showing Calendar, Notes, Photos, and Reminders widgets.

Make it your own

Change the wallpaper on your Home Screen and Lock Screen, add widgets, create your own Memoji, and set a Dark Mode schedule.

Personalize your iPad

A drawing and handwritten recipe in a note in the Notes app. The title of the recipe at the top of the screen is selected. At the bottom of the screen, the toolbar shows the color chosen to modify the selected handwriting.

Use Apple Pencil with Notes

Learn how to create notes instantly from the Lock Screen, draw perfect lines and shapes, and do more with handwritten text than ever before.

Take great notes with iPad

The Watch Now screen showing buttons for Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and Kids in the top row. The Up Next row is in the center, above the What to Watch row. At the bottom, from left to right, are the Watch Now, Library, and Search tabs.

Entertainment at your fingertips

Catch up with a TV show, sing along to your favorite songs, discover a podcast, or get lost in a good book.

Unwind with iPad

To explore the iPad User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page, or enter a word or phrase in the search field. You can also download the guide from Apple Books (where available).

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