Convert a Motion project to a Final Cut Pro X template

With Motion 5.4, you can easily convert between a Motion project, Final Cut Pro generator, Final Cut Pro title, Final Cut Pro effect, or Final Cut Pro transition at any time. 

Save time by designing a master project, then easily convert the project to another Motion project type like a template, which is then available to use immediately in a Final Cut Pro project.

Convert your project

In the Motion project that you want to publish as a Final Cut Pro template, choose File > Convert To, then choose one of the following template types:


To create a custom stylized effect that you can apply to clips in the Final Cut Pro X Timeline, choose Effect . An effect template must contain an Effect Source placeholder. Choose one of the following from the Effect Source pop-up:

  • If you want to add an image or video to customize the effect in Final Cut Pro, choose New Effect Source. In Final Cut Pro, you can then drag an image onto the placeholder.
  • If you want to use image already in your Motion project as a placeholder, choose the image layer name.
  • If you want to add an existing drop zone, choose the drop zone name. 


To use a Motion project as a title template, choose Title. When converting a Motion project to a title template, you can choose to add a placeholder, you can use an image already in your Motion project as a placeholder, or choose not to have a placeholder. Choose an option from the Title Source pop-up, then click Convert. 

If you choose to add placeholder, you can add an image to the template's placeholder in Final Cut Pro. You can also replace the text, change the font and font size, and make other adjustments to the title.


To convert a Motion project into a Final Cut Transition template, choose Transition. the Motion project must contain a Transition A placeholder and a Transition B placeholder. When converting, you can choose to add empty placeholders, or to use images already in your project. Choose the appropriate options from the Transitions A and B pop-ups, then click Convert. 


To use a generator you created in Motion as template in Final Cut Pro, choose Generator. You can use a generator template as a background for your project, added to the Timeline, or composited over a clip in the Timeline.

Publish the converted project

After you've converted your project, Choose File > Save. Enter a name, choose or create a new category, and choose or create a new theme. Select any other options, then click Publish.

You can access the new Motion template in the designated category in the appropriate browser or sidebar in Final Cut Pro.

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