iCloud: If you have trouble signing in to

If you have trouble signing in to

If you have trouble signing in to, try the following:

When typing your password, make sure the Caps Lock key isn’t on (passwords are case-sensitive).

Make sure you’re typing the email address and password for the Apple ID you use with iCloud.

If you set up your Apple ID to require two-step verification, make sure you correctly enter the latest code sent to your device.

If you sign in successfully and only see the Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Settings apps, your account just has access to iCloud web-only features. To see and use other iCloud features, set up iCloud on your iOS device or Mac.

If you sign in successfully but don’t see the Photos app, you need to turn on iCloud Photo Library beta on your iOS 8.1 device.

If you can’t remember your password, or you see a message that your account has been disabled for security reasons (which might happen if someone tried and failed to sign in multiple times), you need to change or reset your password.

Last Modified: May 11, 2015
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