iCloud: Calendar sharing in iCloud

Calendar sharing in iCloud

You can share calendars publicly and privately using Calendar on iCloud.com.

In the sidebar, a shared calendar has a darkened Share button .

  • Public calendars can be shared with anyone using Calendar on an iOS device or Mac, Microsoft Outlook on a Windows computer, or any other app that supports the iCalendar file format. Only the calendar’s owner can make changes to a public calendar.

  • Private calendars can be shared with iCloud users using Calendar on iCloud.com, the Calendar app on an iOS device or Mac, or Microsoft Outlook on a Windows computer.

For private calendars, you can assign two types of access privileges to the people you invite:

  • View & Edit: The invitee can create, edit, and delete events, and track invitation responses.

    Only one person can edit a shared calendar at a time.

  • View Only: The invitee can only change their own view settings.

Note: Only a calendar’s owner can share it.

If you stop using iCloud, any shared calendars you created become unavailable; all participants automatically receive an email notifying them that the calendar is no longer shared.

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