iCloud: Change the language or time zone on iCloud.com

Change the language or time zone on iCloud.com

You can use Settings on iCloud.com to change the language and time zone for all the features on iCloud.com. You might want to change the time zone if you travel to a new time zone and want your calendar events to show up at the local time in the Calendar feature on iCloud.com.

Note: Changing the language or time zone on iCloud.com doesn’t change the language or time zone for other websites, your web browser, or other apps on your computer.

Change the language on iCloud.com

You can also change the language for iCloud Help. At the top of the iCloud Help window, click iCloud Help. Below the copyright notice, click the current language, then select a different language.

Change the time zone on iCloud.com

  1. Go to Settings on iCloud.com, then click the current time zone below Time Zone / Formats.

  2. Click the map near the place whose time zone you want to use.

    The time zone you selected and the name of a city near where you clicked are displayed at the bottom of the map. To pick a different city in the selected time zone, click the city name, then choose a different city.

    The map of available time zones.
  3. Click Done.

Published Date: Jun 20, 2019