iCloud: Export contact information as a vCard

Export contact information as a vCard

From within iCloud Contacts, you can export a virtual (electronic) card, known as a vCard, that contains your own contact information or that of one or more contacts. You can then attach these vCards to email messages, making it easy to share them with friends or associates.

You can export all of your contacts as a vCard, which is an easy way to back them up.

  1. Select one or more contacts in the contacts list.

    To select several adjacent contacts, click the first one, then Shift-click the last one. To select multiple nonadjacent contacts, Command-click them on a Mac or Control-click them on a Windows computer.

  2. Click the Action pop-up menu in the sidebar, then Choose Export vCard.

    If you select multiple contacts, Contacts exports a single vCard containing all of them.

Published Date: Mar 23, 2017
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