iCloud: Create a calendar in iCloud

Create a calendar in iCloud

You can create and manage one or more calendars using Calendar on iCloud.com, and access them on any iOS device or computer that has iCloud Calendar turned on.

The iCloud Calendar window, with several calendars visible. Assign a different color to each calendar. An event’s color indicates which calendar it’s in. Select or deselect a checkmark to show or hide a calendar.
  1. Click the Action pop-up menu in the sidebar, then choose New Calendar.

  2. Type a name for the calendar, then press Return or Enter.

Your calendars are listed in the sidebar on the left. When you create a new calendar, it’s selected, so you can immediately begin adding events to it.

You can view as many calendars as you want at the same time.

iCloud Calendar comes with two already-created calendars: Home and Work. You can rename or delete them, but you must always have at least one calendar in the list.

Published Date: Jun 20, 2019