iCloud: Write and send email messages

Write and send email messages

When you want to write or reply to a message, iCloud Mail opens a new window where you can add recipients, text, photos, and more, before sending your message.

Note: If you want your iCloud email to appear on your devices, they must have the iCloud Mail feature selected. For more information, see Set up iCloud Mail on your devices.

  1. Click the Compose button.

    The New Message button in the toolbar
  2. Type one or more names or email addresses in an address field. Press Return or type a comma to end each name or address.

    • As you type, iCloud Mail tries to suggest a complete address. To use it, press Return.

      If a list of suggestions appears, click one to use it. Suggestions include matching addresses from iCloud Contacts, recipients you recently emailed, and groups of recipients you emailed together at least twice recently.

      To remove a recent recipient or group of recent recipients from the list, move the pointer over the recent recipient or recipient group you want to remove, then click the Remove button next to the recipient name or names.

    • To view all of your contacts, click the Add button at the right end of the address field.

    • To include Cc and Bcc address fields, click Cc/Bcc.

  3. If you want to send the message from an address you don’t usually use, click the From pop-up menu, then choose a different address.

    You have multiple addresses if you created an email alias or you have an @me.com or @mac.com address in addition to your @icloud.com address.

  4. In the Subject field, type a subject for the email.

  5. Type your message, then click Send in the upper-right corner of the iCloud Mail window.

Note: If you send an email with large attachments, it might be returned by the recipient’s email service because your email exceeds the size limit set by that email service. You can try sending the contents of your message in multiple email messages, or using compression software, such as the Compress feature on a Mac, to make your attachments as small as possible.

Published Date: Mar 23, 2017
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