Final Cut Pro X: Restore a library from automatic backups

Restore a library from automatic backups

Final Cut Pro makes automatic library backups at regular intervals. Backups include the database portion of libraries only, not the media files. Backups are saved with the time and date in the filename.

By default, Final Cut Pro saves backups to the Final Cut Pro Backups folder in the Movies folder, but you can change the backup location. For more information, see Manage storage locations.

Final Cut Pro automatically deletes library backups that are more than several days old.

  1. In the Libraries sidebar, select the library you want to restore.

  2. Choose File > Open Library > From Backup.

  3. Click the “Restore from” pop-up menu and choose a backup from a specific time and date, or click Other and navigate to a different backup file to open.

  4. Click Open.

    The backup is added as a library in the Libraries sidebar.

Note: The backups are standard Final Cut Pro library files, so you can also open them by double-clicking them in the Finder. For more information, see Managing libraries overview.

Published Date: Mar 22, 2019
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