Final Cut Pro X: Back up projects, events, and libraries

Back up projects, events, and libraries

Backing up your work and your media consistently is an essential part of your workflow. Some people back up daily or weekly; others back up when a project is complete. To protect your media, it’s recommended that you back up to a storage device or partition different from the one where you store the media files used with Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro provides both automatic and manual tools that let you:

Note: If you have created or customized any Final Cut Pro effects, transitions, titles, or generators in Motion, set the storage location for your Motion content to "In Library” before starting any copy or move operations between libraries or storage devices. Otherwise, the Motion content is not included in those operations. For more information, see Manage Motion content storage locations. Regardless, you must manually track and move any third-party (FxPlug) content, because it is not managed within the Final Cut Pro library.

Published Date: Mar 22, 2019