Final Cut Pro X: Organize the timeline using audio lanes

Organize the timeline using audio lanes

With a few clicks, you can arrange audio clips into audio lanes in the timeline, based on their role assignments. Audio lanes appear as separate, visually distinct layers in the timeline. This view organizes audio clips visually and provides reference points that make editing easier and more efficient.

Organizing the timeline in this way does not affect the content of your project or how it plays back in the viewer—it simply adjusts the timeline appearance for your editing convenience.

The Roles pane of the timeline index on the left, and the timeline on the right in default view

Note: When you display audio roles in separate lanes in the timeline, any clips that contain both audio and video are expanded to show audio and video separately.

  1. To open the Roles pane of the timeline index, do one of the following:

    • Click the Index button in the top-left corner of the timeline (or press Shift-Command-2), then click Roles at the top of the timeline index.

    • Choose View > Timeline Index > Roles.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Show an audio role in a separate lane: In the Roles pane, click the Audio Lane button to the right of a role.

      Audio clips with that role assigned appear in a separate lane in the timeline. A text label appears at the left side of the lane in the timeline, identifying the role.

      The timeline index showing the Audio Lane button for the Dialogue role highlighted, and the timeline showing a separate audio lane for the clips with the Dialogue role

      Repeat this step for each role that you want to show in a separate lane.

    • Show all audio roles in separate lanes: Click Show Audio Lanes at the bottom of the timeline index.

      Separate lanes appear in the timeline for each role, with audio clips in the lanes of their assigned roles. A text label appears at the left side of each audio lane, identifying the role.

      The timeline index after the Show Audio Lanes button has been clicked, and the timeline showing all lanes

    The lanes in the timeline appear in the order you define in the timeline index. For more information, see Reorder audio roles and subroles in the timeline.

To help you keep track of the current timeline organization, a diamond-shaped change indicator appears in the Index button in the top-left corner of the timeline whenever you change any roles settings from their default states. These roles changes include showing roles and subroles in separate audio lanes, focusing the timeline on a specific role, and turning off roles or subroles.

The top section of the timeline index, showing a diamond-shaped change indicator in the Index button

Note: You can also customize the display of clips in the timeline by changing the clip appearance and height, and you can choose whether to view clips by name or role. For more information, see Adjust timeline clip appearance and height.

Published Date: Mar 22, 2019