Final Cut Pro X: Solo and mute audio clips

Solo and mute audio clips

The solo feature enables audio playback of only the selected clips in the timeline and temporarily disables audio playback for all other clips. It’s especially useful in audio editing if you have more than one audio clip layered in the timeline (dialogue and background music, for example) but need to listen and make edits to just certain clips.

Another way to mute clips is to disable them. Disabled clips are both invisible and silent and do not appear in any output.

Solo clips in the timeline

  1. Select one or more clips in the timeline that you want to listen to (in isolation from any other clips).

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Choose Clip > Solo (or press Option-S).

    • Click the Solo button in the top-right corner of the timeline.

      The Solo button

    The soloed clip appears highlighted, and other clips appear dimmed.

    A soloed clip appearing highlighted in the timeline, with other clips appearing dimmed

    To turn off solo, click the Solo button, or choose Clip > Solo (or press Option-S) again.

Disable clips or ranges

  1. Select one or more clips in the timeline.

    Note: If the selected clips contain both video and audio, and you want to mute the audio only, choose Clip > Expand Audio or Clip > Expand Audio Components, then select the audio portion only (or drag to select a range).

  2. Choose Clip > Disable (or press V).

    Disabled clips are both invisible and silent and do not appear in the viewer or in any output. The filmstrips of disabled clips appear dimmed in the timeline.

    To reenable the disabled clips, select them in the timeline and choose Clip > Enable (or press V).

Silence clips or ranges

You can silence a selected clip or range. This technique is simply a quick and easy way to adjust the volume.

  1. Select one or more clips in the timeline, or select a range.

  2. Choose Modify > Adjust Volume > Silence (–∞).

    The selection is silenced, and the volume control for the clip or range is set to –∞ dB. (You can confirm this level in the Audio inspector.)

    To restore the original audio level for the selected clip or range, choose Modify > Adjust Volume > Reset (0dB).

Important: If you import clips with unwanted audio that you will never use, you can ensure the best playback performance by deselecting the audio components of these clips in the Audio inspector. For more information, see Disable a clip’s audio.

You can also solo or disable video clips in Final Cut Pro. For more information, see Solo, disable, and enable clips.

Published Date: Mar 22, 2019