iCloud: Share notes on iCloud.com

Share notes on iCloud.com

If you’re using upgraded notes, you can invite people to view and edit a note using Notes on iCloud.com. When you share a note, only people you invite can view and edit it, even if someone else has a link to the note. Everyone you add sees any changes made to the note.

If you accept an invitation to view and edit a shared note, you can see the changes that everyone makes.

Invite people to edit notes

You can share a note with people from the Notes app on iCloud.com. However, you can’t share a note you locked on your iOS device or Mac.

Note: Only the owner of a note can add and remove participants, though participants can always remove themselves.

  1. Select or write the note you want to share.

  2. Click the Add People button in the toolbar, then select a sharing option.

    • Email: Click Share. In the email window that appears, invite participants by adding their email addresses in the To field. You can invite people using any email address or phone number, although participants need an Apple ID to view and edit a note. Make any additional edits to the email, then click Send.

    • Copy Link: After you select Copy Link, a text box appears. Add the email addresses or phone numbers of your participants. Click Share. A new window appears with the link for your note. Send the link, for example, using Facebook Messenger.

The Shared icon appears next to a shared note in the Notes list and, when the note is selected, the View Participants button is highlighted and shows a checkmark.

To view a shared note, select the note in your notes list, then click the View Participants button . To add participants, click the Add button at the bottom of the participants list.

The participant list with the Add button at the bottom.

When a person has been invited, but has not yet accepted, Invited appears under the person’s name.

Edit shared notes

  1. Do one of the following:

    • If you’re the owner: Select the note in your notes list.

    • If you accepted the invitation to the shared note: Select the note in your notes list.

    • If you’ve been invited to edit a note, but haven’t accepted the invitation: Click the link you received, then click Open in Notes.

      After you open the note for the first time, it appears in your notes list on iCloud.com and on your iOS devices and Mac computers where you’re signed in with the same Apple ID.

  2. Edit the note.

    When someone edits a shared note, everyone sharing the note sees the changes, but no one can see who made them. The time stamp below the note in the notes list shows the last time it was edited. If you’re not currently editing a shared note, a yellow dot appears next to the note in the notes list when someone else edits it.

    If you’re invited using an email address or phone number that isn’t associated with the Apple ID you use for iCloud, ask the owner to resend the invitation using the correct email address or phone number. You can also follow the onscreen instructions to associate that email address or phone number with your Apple ID.

Stop sharing notes

You must be the owner of the note to stop sharing it.

  • Select the note in your notes list, click the View Participants button , then do one of the following:

    • Stop sharing with all participants: Click Stop Sharing.

    • Stop sharing with just one participant: Click the More button next to the person’s name, then select Remove Access.

Delete shared notes

If you’re the owner of a shared note, deleting it removes it from the devices of everyone sharing it. You can recover your recently deleted notes from your Recently Deleted folder.

If you delete a note that someone shared with you, it’s removed from your notes list, but not the owner’s notes list or any other participant’s notes list.

Note: If you delete a note that someone shared with you, the note doesn’t move to your Recently Deleted folder. You can edit the note again by clicking the original link that the owner shared, unless the note owner stopped sharing the note.

  • Select the note in your notes list, then click the Trash button in the Toolbar.

If you’re a participant, you can remove yourself from a shared note. Click the View Participants button , click the More button next to your name, then click Remove Me.

Published Date: Dec 21, 2018