iCloud: View a shared album on the web

When people access your album on the web, they don’t have to log in to iCloud to see the photos and videos or to download the photos. However, they can’t add comments to or like specific images.

Note: Shared albums are called shared streams on iOS 7 devices.
  1. Click the link for the shared album in the invitation email you receive.

  2. Scroll through the photos and videos in the album, or click one to view it larger.

  3. To use controls for the enlarged photos and videos, move your pointer over the webpage, then do any of the following.

    If controls don’t appear, click the browser window to make sure it’s frontmost.

    • To view a slideshow of the shared album, click Slideshow at the top of the webpage. To end the show, click Stop Slideshow.

    • To go through the photos and videos manually, click the forward arrow or back arrow on the side of the webpage, or press the Right Arrow or Left Arrow key.

    • To download a photo, click Download at the top of the webpage.

    • To view the photos and videos full screen, click Fullscreen at the top of the webpage. To view them in a window again, click Exit Fullscreen or press Escape.

    • To hide the controls, move your pointer away from the browser window, or hold it still while it’s over the window.

Last Modified: Feb 5, 2015
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