The VoiceOver Utility Voices pane showing voice settings for English, French, and Japanese languages.

Work the way you like

Want to use a different voice for different languages? Or change how you navigate webpages? Use VoiceOver Utility to customize how VoiceOver works for you.

How to use VoiceOver Utility

A list of VoiceOver gestures and corresponding commands shown in the Trackpad Commander in VoiceOver Utility.

Use familiar gestures

VoiceOver in macOS uses many of the same gestures you know from iOS and iPadOS—for example, touch the trackpad to hear the item in the VoiceOver cursor.

How to use VoiceOver gestures

A Safari webpage in the VoiceOver cursor and the VoiceOver rotor set to Headings.

Browse the web more easily

VoiceOver offers several ways to browse webpages—for example, you can navigate webpages using links, headings, window spots, or landmarks.

How to browse webpages

The braille panel showing what is in the VoiceOver cursor on a webpage. The braille panel displays simulated yellow braille dots, with corresponding text below the dots.

Get going with plug-and-play braille

Because VoiceOver is compatible with over 100 refreshable braille displays, you can just plug in or sync your display—even multiple displays—and you’re set.

How to use VoiceOver with braille displays

To explore the VoiceOver User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page, or enter a word or phrase in the search field.

If you need more help, visit the Mac Accessibility Support website.

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