Accessibility Support

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Add the accessibility features that you use the most, and access them quickly with the Accessibility Shortcut.

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Personal Voice and Live Speech

You can create a Personal Voice that sounds like you, then use it with Live Speech to type to speak in FaceTime and phone calls, assistive communication apps, and in-person conversations.*

Point and Speak

If you are blind or have low vision, Point and Speak on your iPhone or iPad can make it easier for you to interact with physical objects that have text, like household appliances, keypads, or labelled files.


Braille User Guides

Download a Unified English Braille user guide file (.BRF) for your device: Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or HomePod.


With VoiceOver, you can hear what's happening on your screen, and navigate with simple gestures. Learn how to use VoiceOver on your iPhoneiPad, or Mac.

Contact Apple for support

You can get support or provide feedback for accessibility features on an Apple product by phone, chat, in person, or online.

Contact Apple using SignTime

Get help from Apple Support using sign language, You can start a SignTime session to be connected to an interpreter.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates

Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) describe how a product or service addresses U.S. Section 508 guidelines.

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* Personal Voice is available in English.