What's new in Final Cut Pro

Learn about the latest updates for Final Cut Pro version 10.6.6 for Mac.

Final Cut Pro for iPad Import

Transfer your project to Final Cut Pro for Mac, and take advantage of blazing performance, advanced color correction tools, and more.

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Automatic Color Management

Easily edit HDR and SDR clips in the same project, with intelligent tone mapping of video to match your color space.

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Dynamic Content

Choose from a new collection of professionally designed titles, effects, transitions, and generators to enhance the look of your videos.

Get complete step-by-step how-to instructions and information on all features in Final Cut Pro. For a detailed list of enhancements and fixes in Final Cut Pro, refer to the Final Cut Pro release notes.

New in Final Cut Pro 10.6.2

  • Quickly locate media that appears more than once in a project using highlighted clip ranges or the Timeline Index.
  • Improve the clarity of speech by adjusting the level of background noise using machine learning (requires macOS Monterey or later).
  • Experience unrivaled playback and graphics performance with optimizations for M1 Max and M1 Ultra on the new Mac Studio.

New in Final Cut Pro 10.6

  • Drag effects, titles, or graphics into the viewer to automatically detect, track, and match the movement of faces or objects.
  • Add or delete focus points and change the intensity of the depth effect for videos shot in Cinematic mode on iPhone 13 (requires macOS Monterey).
  • Experience workstation-class playback and graphics performance with optimizations for MacBook Pro models with the M1 Pro or the M1 Max chip.

New in Final Cut Pro 10.5.3

  • Improved performance and efficiency on Mac computers with Apple silicon.
  • Create and save custom column views, and edit them with the new column editor.
  • Search for media using expanded criteria including clip text, markers, and notes.
  • Quickly sort clips by proxy, optimized, or missing media types.

New in Final Cut Pro 10.5

  • Create copies of your media in ProRes Proxy or H.264 at various resolutions to reduce file sizes and speed up editing.
  • Convert your projects into square and vertical aspect ratios with intelligent cropping for each clip.

New in Final Cut Pro 10.4.9

  • Adjust ISO, color temperature, and exposure offset using new controls in the inspector.
  • Quickly apply audio fades on adjacent clips using a menu command or keyboard shortcut.

New in Final Cut Pro 10.4.7

  • Metal-based processing engine improves playback and accelerates rendering, compositing, and exporting.
  • Harness the power of Mac Pro—multiple GPUs, up to 28 CPU cores, and Afterburner card.
  • View stunning High Dynamic Range video when using Apple Pro Display XDR.
  • Select which internal or external GPU is used for graphics processing.

New in Final Cut Pro 10.4.6

  • Detect and convert media files that may not be compatible with future versions of macOS after macOS Mojave. 
  • Extend the capabilities of Final Cut Pro with powerful third-party apps that are integrated directly into the interface.
  • Export multiple clips or projects in one step.
  • Remove visual noise from archival or low light video.

New in Final Cut Pro 10.4.4

  • View source and project timecode in a resizable floating window.
  • Open the Comparison Viewer to reference other frames for consistent color grading across your project.
  • Select the Tiny Planet mapping option when adding 360º video to a non-360° project to create interesting spherical looks and animations.
  • View, edit, and deliver closed captions in the SRT format, which is used by a wide range of websites including Facebook.
  • Choose to burn closed captions into your video to ensure they always appear during playback.
  • When dragging in the timeline to select a secondary storyline, you can now choose to select individual clips or the entire secondary storyline.

New in Final Cut Pro 10.4.1

  • Import, view, edit and deliver closed captions.
  • Edit and grade pristine video captured in the new ProRes RAW format.
  • Configure video, audio channels and closed captions in the new Roles tab.

New in Final Cut Pro 10.4

  • Create and deliver immersive 360° films with titles, effects, and live output to a VR headset. 
  • Grade and deliver High Dynamic Range (HDR) video with live output to an HDR monitor. 
  • Color grade with powerful new color wheels, color curves, and hue/saturation curves. 
  • Start your project with iMovie for iOS, then import it into Final Cut Pro to finish editing.
  • Import, playback, and editing of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC, also known as H.265) video clips and High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) photos from Apple devices.*
  • Send to Compressor to export video projects in the HEVC format.
  • Adjust audio using effects plug-ins from Logic Pro X with redesigned, resizable interfaces.
  • Support for Canon Cinema RAW Light format with additional software from Canon.
  • Faster Optical Flow analysis using Metal 2.
  • Support for NFS-based libraries and media.
  • XML 1.7 with support for new color grading controls, 360 VR effects, and HDR.

* HEVC and HEIF support requires macOS High Sierra or later

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