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Check your card details, view your transactions, and more.

Add money to Apple Cash

Quickly and easily add money using debit cards and certain prepaid cards that you already use in Wallet.

Transfer money to your bank

Send money directly from your Apple Cash balance to your bank.

Get unlimited Daily Cash with Apple Card

Learn how you can receive a percentage of every purchase you make with Apple Card back as Daily Cash.

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About identity verification

To protect your account, you might be asked to verify your identity at certain points when using Apple Cash.

Restricted or locked account

Find out what to do if your Apple Cash account is in review, restricted, or locked.

Apple Cash limits

Learn about the limits associated with using Apple Cash and person to person payments.


Apple Pay

Learn how to set up Apple Pay, make secure purchases, manage your payment cards, and more.

Apple Card

Learn how to make purchases and payments, manage your account, and more.

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