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Apply for Apple Card

It takes just minutes to apply for Apple Card in the Wallet app on your iPhone.

Activate your card

Request a titanium Apple Card and see how to activate it on your iPhone when it arrives in the mail.

Make purchases

See how to pay with Apple Card using Apple Pay, or how to use your virtual card number or titanium card.

Get unlimited Daily Cash with Apple Card

Learn how you can receive a percentage of every purchase you make with Apple Card back as Daily Cash.

Check your spending activity

See transactions, see your balance, and track how much you spend.

Avoid high interest charges

See how interest can affect your financial health and learn how to lower interest charges with Apple Card's payment options.

Use Advanced Fraud Protection

Turn on a security code that changes periodically for even more secure Apple Card purchases.

Share Apple Card with your family

Build credit together, create spending limits, and learn healthy financial habits.

Financial hardship support for Apple Card

If you are experiencing financial hardship you can contact an Apple Card Specialist to learn more about assistance plans and payment options.


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Learn how to set up Apple Pay, make secure purchases, manage your payment cards, and more.

Apple Cash

Learn how to set up Apple Cash, send and receive money in Messages or Wallet, and get Daily Cash on purchases.

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