Track your trends in the Fitness app

The Fitness app will display your progress over time, so you'll know if you're doing as well as you were before — or even better.

See more detailed information on a specific trend 

Check your trends

  1. Open the Fitness app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down to the Trends tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Check if your Trends arrows are pointing up or down, or tap Show More to see more detailed information on a specific trend. 

Trends can give you a quick snapshot of how you're doing on your Move, Exercise and Stand goals, as well as other key metrics compared with your past performance, so you can make sure that you're on track.

Get coaching

If a Trend arrow is pointing down, you will receive coaching about how to turn it around. For example, you may get a suggestion to “Burn 30 more calories each day for 7 days” to turn the arrow up or “Start by earning 10 Stand hours a day, then check back next week for a new goal” to set off in the right direction.

How trends are measured

Trends are based on how your metrics have moved over the last 90 days compared with the last 365 days.* If the Trend arrow for a particular metric is pointing up, then you're maintaining or improving your fitness levels. If an arrow is pointing down, then your 90-day average for that metric has started to decline.

To see more details about your performance in the last year compared with the last three months, tap the Trend arrow next to a category. You'll see a graph of your data and daily averages for your typical week, and you'll find out more about the metric type. To see more detail on a graph, touch and hold the screen.

*Your trends may change due to updates to how your Activity metrics are being calculated.

If you can't see your trends

It will take 180 days of activity to start your trends. If you can't see your trends, keep wearing your watch and closing your rings. When there's enough data, you'll receive a notification to say that your trends are ready. 

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