A sample Handout details view — Integers — for a Math class showing detailed progress data for the selected activity, including percentage complete, average time, and normalized score for the class. All Activities indicates 28 students haven’t completed the activities, you have five activities to review, and one student who has yet to redo work. Use Student Data to help you determine students who might be falling behind.

View class and student progress data

Assign Handout activities in apps that provide student progress, then use the Handout details, class progress, and student progress views to see how students are doing.

View class, Handout, and student progress in Schoolwork

A sample of a student’s collaborative file — Leong Kevin - Probability Lab 3 — showing the iWork Numbers app Share button options.

Share files and collaborate with students

Share files with students individually or with an entire class, then collaborate with students on Handout activities.

Add activities in Schoolwork

A sample class view — Math — showing four Handouts in the Due view: two in Due Today and two in Due Next. In addition to the Recents view, the Schoolwork sidebar contains four classes (Literature, Math, Science, and Technology), My Library with Draft, Favorites, and Imports and the Music (2020) class archive for Township Schools.

Quickly see all your classes and Handouts

Use the Schoolwork sidebar to see all your classes, as well as any recent, draft, and favorite Handouts. If you removed classes in Schoolwork, you can also see the Handouts in class archives in [your organization].

About classes, Handouts, and students in Schoolwork

To browse the Schoolwork User Guide, tap Table of Contents at the top of the page.

If you need more help, visit the Education Support website.

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