The Mac desktop with a webpage open. Below, the braille panel displays what’s in the VoiceOver cursor on the webpage using simulated yellow braille dots, with corresponding text below the dots.

New to VoiceOver on Mac?

Learn and practice the basics for controlling your Mac using VoiceOver—the screen reader built into macOS.

Get started with VoiceOver

A list of VoiceOver gestures and corresponding commands are shown in the Trackpad Commander in VoiceOver Utility.

Use familiar gestures

VoiceOver in macOS uses many of the same gestures you know from iOS and iPadOS—for example, touch the trackpad to hear the item in the VoiceOver cursor.

How to use VoiceOver gestures

Settings such as voice and speaking rate for multiple VoiceOver languages are shown in the Voices pane of the Speech category in VoiceOver Utility.

Work the way you like

Customize VoiceOver using VoiceOver Utility. Change the VoiceOver voice, connect braille devices, set options for how you navigate with VoiceOver, and more.

How to use VoiceOver Utility

The Voices pane of the Speech category in VoiceOver Utility is shown. An activity is being created that uses a group of VoiceOver settings in the context of writing programming code.

What’s new in macOS Sonoma

VoiceOver in macOS Sonoma gives you more ways to enhance your workflow, including options for automatically switching between groups of VoiceOver settings based on what you’re doing in an app, Siri voices that sound natural and expressive when speaking quickly, support for two-dimensional refreshable braille displays, and more.

Learn what’s new in VoiceOver

To explore the VoiceOver User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page, or enter a word or phrase in the search field.

For more resources, visit the Apple Accessibility Support website.

Download this guide in Braille Ready Format: BRF (English)

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