Pages for Mac: Add images in a Pages document

Add images in a Pages document

You can add photos and graphics to any page and replace media placeholders with your own images. You can add photos from a photo library, drag them from a website or from the Finder, or take a photo on a nearby iOS device.

Add or replace an image

Do any of the following:

  • Drag an image from your computer or a webpage to a media placeholder or anywhere else on the page.

  • Click the Replace Image button in the bottom-right corner of a media placeholder, then select an image from a photo library.

  • Click the Media button in the toolbar, choose Photos, then drag an image from a photo library to the page or to a media placeholder.

    To search for an image, click the magnifying glass in the top-right corner of the media window.

  • Click to select the image you want to replace, then, in the Format  sidebar, click the Image tab. Click Replace, then choose an image. The new image retains the dimensions of the original.

If you can’t replace an image on a page, the image may be locked or grouped, or it may be a master object.

Create a media placeholder

You can add a media placeholder (to which you can add an image, video, or audio file) to a document. Using a media placeholder lets you easily replace media without disturbing other elements on the page.

  1. Add an image to your document, then format it the way you want your document’s images to look.

    You can add a mask, add a border, rotate the image, change its size, and more.

  2. Click the image to select it, then choose Format > Advanced > Define as Media Placeholder (from the Format menu at the top of your screen).

Take a photo or scan with an iOS device and add it to a document

If you have an iOS device nearby, you can use it to take a photo or scan and insert it directly into your document on your Mac.

Note: To make sure you can do this with your Mac and iOS device, see the Apple Support article System requirements for Continuity.

  1. On the page where you want to add the photo or scan, click the Media menu button in the toolbar, then choose Take Photo or Scan Documents below your device name.

  2. On your iOS device, do one of the following:

    • Take a photo: Tap the Shutter button, then tap Use Photo (tap Retake to retake the photo).

    • Scan a document automatically: Position the document in view of the camera to automatically capture the page, crop it, and correct its perspective. To insert the scan in your document, tap Save.

    • Scan a page manually: Tap  the Shutter button, then drag the frame to adjust the area you want to scan. Tap Keep Scan, then tap Save.

  3. Drag the image to move it, or drag any selection handle to resize it in your document.

Note: If you scan more than one item, only the first one appears in your document.

If you can’t replace an image or other object

If you can’t replace an object on a template, the object may be locked or it may be a master object. To make it editable, do one of the following:

  • Select the object; in the Format  sidebar, click the Arrange tab; then click Unlock.

  • Select the object, then choose Arrange > Section Masters > Make Master Objects Selectable (from the Arrange menu at the top of your screen).

Add an image description

You can add a description to any image in your document. Image descriptions are read by assistive technology (for example, VoiceOver) when someone uses that technology to access your document. Image descriptions aren’t visible anywhere in your document.

  1. Click the image to select it, then, in the Format  sidebar, click the Image tab.

  2. Click the Description text box, then enter your text.

To add descriptions to the images in an image gallery, see Add an image gallery. To add a caption to your image, see Create a caption for an image or other object.

To work with multiple images at the same time, hold down the Shift key while you click the images.

Published Date: Jul 23, 2019