Pages for Mac: Set the default font for Pages documents

Set the default font for Pages documents

There is no setting in Pages to specify a default font that’s used each time you start a new document. If you want to use a specific font every time you start a document, the easiest way is to create a custom template that uses your preferred font as its paragraph style for body text. The next time you start a new document, choose your template from the My Templates section of the template chooser, and just start typing.

Create a custom template that uses your default text

  1. In Pages, choose File > Open, then click New Document.

    The template chooser opens.

  2. In the template chooser, double-click a Blank template.

  3. In the Format  sidebar, click the Style button near the top.

    Text controls in the Style section of the Format sidebar for setting font and font size.
  4. Click the paragraph style at the top of the sidebar (in the example above, it’s Subtitle), then choose the style you want to modify.

    Tip: You don’t have to modify every paragraph style in the template; for example, for a simple letter or document, you may want to modify only the body text style and a heading style.

  5. In the Font section of the sidebar, choose a font and font size for the paragraph style you selected.

    You can also use other controls in the Font section to choose character styles like bold and italic, and change the text color.

  6. Click the Update button that appears next to the paragraph style.

    The default style is updated with your changes. You can rename the style and delete styles you don’t want to keep.

  7. If you typed in the template, delete any text that you don’t want to appear every time you open the template.

    For example, you may want to include your name and address in a letter template, but not sample text that you typed to set up your paragraph styles.

  8. When you’re finished, choose File > Save As Template (from the File menu at the top of the screen).

    The original Blank template is still available from the template chooser.

  9. Click Add to Template Chooser, then type a name for your new template.

    The template is added to the My Templates category of the template chooser.

Tip: In Pages preferences you can set your template to always open when you choose File > New. To learn how, see Create new documents from a specific template.

For more information about creating and installing custom templates, see Install and manage document templates.

You can set Pages to open new documents using a template you designate.

Published Date: Nov 13, 2018