Pages for Mac: Apply a paragraph style in a Pages document

Apply a paragraph style in a Pages document

Using paragraph styles is a quick way to uniformly format text throughout a document.

Apply a paragraph style

  1. Select one or more paragraphs, or click anywhere in a paragraph to apply the style to only that paragraph.

  2. In the Format  sidebar, click the Text tab, click the paragraph style name near the top of the sidebar, then choose a style from the Paragraph Styles pop-up menu.

    The paragraph styles menu with a checkmark next to the selected style.

If you later change the look of text that has a paragraph style applied to it—for example, you make the text bold or change its color—an asterisk, and in some cases an Update button, appears next to the style’s name in the Paragraph Styles pop-up menu, indicating that the style has an override. You can update the paragraph style to incorporate the overrides if you want.

You can also apply character styles and apply list styles to selected text.

Tip: For faster formatting, create keyboard shortcuts to apply styles to text.

Published Date: Nov 13, 2018