Change your Mac display’s color profile

In Displays preferences, you can switch between different color profiles. Your Mac selects the recommended profile for your display by default, so it isn’t usually necessary to adjust this setting.

Note: Apple Pro Display XDR uses built-in reference modes rather than color profiles. For more information, see Change Display preferences on Mac for Pro Display XDR.

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, click Displays, then click Color.

    Open the Color pane for me

  2. Select a profile in the list on the left.

    If you have more than one display, assign a color profile using the Color pane that appears on each display.

Detailed information about all of the color profiles installed on your Mac (and used by connected cameras, printers, and displays) is provided in ColorSync Utility (in the Applications > Utilities folder). See ColorSync Utility User Guide.

You can also create your own custom color profile by calibrating your display.

Note: To see additional color profiles (including those not for use with your display), deselect “Show profiles for this display only.” Only use these additional profiles if you understand the impact they have on your color workflow.

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