The Apple School Manager mobile device management (MDM) server showing device assignments.

Assign purchased devices

After you purchase your devices, you can automatically assign them to Apple School Manager.

Assign purchased devices

The Apple School Manager window showing Apps and Books selected in the sidebar under Content. The selected organization opens to a pane for buying and managing licenses.

Buy content in bulk and assign it to devices

Buy apps and books in bulk, then assign them to devices for your staff, teachers, and students to use. You can also reassign apps from one device to another.

Select and buy content

The Apple School Manager window, with Locations selected in the sidebar under Activity. The selected organization shows more information about organization’s name, people, and classes.

Add locations for all schools in your district

Easily create locations for each school, and assign a manager for each location.

Create locations

To browse the Apple School Manager User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page.

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