macOS High Sierra

Create a calendar

You can use your photos to create professionally designed calendars and have them sent to family and friends.

Printed and bound calendars.

It’s easy to create a calendar: select the photos you want, pick a starting date and a theme, and then Photos lays out the calendar for you. You can add and remove photos, change the theme, add photos and text to particular dates to commemorate special occasions, and more. When you’re happy with your calendar, you can place your order and have the book sent to family, friends—anyone you want.

Open Photos for me

Create a calendar

  1. Select one or more photos to use in your calendar.

  2. Choose File > Create > Calendar.

    Tip: You can create a calendar without selecting any photos first. Just click Add button next to My Projects, and choose Calendar to create an empty calendar that you can add photos to later.

  3. Choose the number of months you want in the calendar, choose a start date, then click Continue.

  4. Click to select a calendar theme, then click Create Calendar.

    Your calendar appears in the Photos window, with the photos you selected automatically arranged on each calendar page (including the calendar cover). To edit a page, double-click it.