iOS Direct Service Program

The iOS Direct Service Program provides convenience and reduces cost to organizations to support their own installed base of devices by screening the units for any hardware faults, and if necessary directly ordering a replacement iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or in-box accessory and exchanging it for the failed item at their service location.

The program is open to Businesses/Enterprise organizations, Education institutions, State/Local Government Agencies and Government Agencies.


Organizations interested in participating in this program must meet the following requirements:

  • Own in total at least 100 Apple iOS devices
  • Participation in this program is limited to Organizations with iOS Deployments where all units covered by AppleCare+ or another extended coverage agreement provided by Apple
  • Participants can utilize the program for Apple products owned by their organization; no third party’s products or accessories may be serviced through this program
  • Service facilitated through iOS DSP is restricted to devices covered by AppleCare+ or another Extended Service Agreement provided by Apple
  • Commit to conducting appropriate diagnostic tests and screening of products1 to determine hardware failure as defined by Apple, and return defective products in a timely fashion2
  • Maintain a Limited Billing Service Account3 ("Service Account") with Apple for use when placing service orders3


By using Global Service Exchange (GSX), Apple’s online service portal, Service Accounts are able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Instant access to diagnostic tools and product availability information
  • Next day shipment of replacement product4
  • Apple’s online technical and account management support functions
  • Keep control of your installed base of products and manage in the way best suited to your organization
  • iPhone Seed Stock may be purchased, where applicable, to minimize downtime

1. Providers are required to have at least one technician complete the iOS Qualification.

2. Defective products and parts are generally required to be returned within 10 working days of shipment. See the Program Manual for details.

3. This requirement applies in addition to any existing accounts an organization has with Apple, including a Self Servicing Account for Mac repairs, and is subject to the Terms and Conditions set out in the appropriate agreement, which applicants will be asked to sign.

4. Subject to parts availability and account status