The Hello screen that appears when you first turn on your iPhone.

Get started

Set up a few basic features before you start using your new iPhone.

Setup basics

The iPhone call screen with a unique Contact Poster.

Add a personal touch

Your iPhone can reflect your personal style and preferences. Showcase your favorite photos on the Lock Screen, add widgets to the Home Screen, adjust text size, ringtones, and more.

Make your iPhone your own

The Camera screen in Photo mode, showing four people in the Camera frame.

Take your best shot

Use your iPhone to capture the moment, wherever you are. Learn how to take photos and videos on the fly, and use other camera features on your iPhone.

Take great photos and videos

A FaceTime call.

Stay connected

iPhone makes it easy to reach the people important to you. Add them to your contacts so you have their information everywhere you need it—then catch up with text messages, phone calls, or FaceTime.

Keep in touch with friends and family

The Family Sharing screen in Settings. Five family members are listed. Below their names are the Family Checklist and below that are the Subscriptions and Purchase Sharing options.

All in the family

You and your family members can use Family Sharing to share eligible app purchases, your location, and even health data. You can also set up parental controls to manage how children spend time on their devices.

Share features with your family

The My Home screen in the Home app.

Simplify your day

Learn how to use the apps on your iPhone to direct you to the places you go most often, pay for your morning coffee, remind you of important tasks, and even lock your front door automatically when you leave home.

Use iPhone for your daily routines

An iPhone screen showing the battery charged 100%.

Pro tips

Check out these tips from Apple Support advisors to keep your iPhone, and the information you keep on it, safe and secure.

Expert advice from Apple Support

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