macOS High Sierra

Change a calendar’s date information

You can easily change your calendar’s date settings at any time. You can also have your calendar display events from your Calendar app, national holidays from many countries, and birthdays you recorded in Contacts.

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  1. Click a calendar under Projects in the sidebar.

  2. Click the Calendar Settings button in the toolbar.

  3. Do any of the following:

    • Choose a new start month or year: Use the pop-up menus at the top of the settings pane.

    • Change the number of months in the calendar: Choose a number from the pop-up menu.

    • Display a country’s national holidays: Click the “Show national holidays” pop-up menu and choose the country you want. To stop displaying national holidays, choose None.

    • Show events from Calendar: Select the checkbox next to each calendar you want to display.

      Note: The calendars you see listed here are those you’ve set up in the Calendar app on your Mac.

    • Show birthdays you recorded in the Contacts app: Select “Show birthdays from Contacts.”

After you add events, holidays, and other information to your calendar, you can edit the text on individual dates. See Format calendar text for more information.