The FaceTime window in a group call with individuals shown in a grid.

Get started with FaceTime

Learn how to make video calls that feel like you’re meeting in person, start FaceTime audio calls right from your Mac, or include multiple people with a Group FaceTime call.

Get started with FaceTime on Mac

A FaceTime window showing three people with animated backgrounds. The person in the middle is making a thumbs-up gesture with both hands.

Respond with reactions

During a video call, let others know how you feel with 3D animations that appear on screen, like hearts, confetti, lasers or rain. You can even use hand gestures to add a reaction.

Add reactions with hand gestures

A shared screen during a FaceTime video call. The window on the left shows the presenter and a Keynote presentation in a large Presenter Overlay. The window on the right shows three participants.

Be seen while sharing your screen

Use Presenter Overlay to place yourself on top of the content you’re presenting in your next video call. Use a large overlay to frame your content next to you, or show just your face by placing a small bubble anywhere in the presentation.

How to use Presenter Overlay

A MacBook Pro with a FaceTime group call in session. Behind it, a PC with a FaceTime on the web group call in session.

Make everyone part of the conversation

Invite anyone to participate in your FaceTime call, even if they’re using an Android or Windows device.

Use a link to invite people to a FaceTime call on Mac

The FaceTime window showing a video call. The person who initiated the call is shown in a tile in the bottom-right corner. A large tile shows two participants, along with a Live Photo button in the top-right corner of the tile that callers can click to capture the moment.

Capture that special moment

Take a Live Photo of another participant during a video call, and automatically save it to Photos.

How to take a Live Photo

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