Mail User Guide

for macOS Mojave

The sidebar in the Mail window showing inboxes for iCloud, school and work accounts.

Never miss an email

When you add your email accounts (such as iCloud, Exchange, school or work) to Mail, you get all your emails in one place — without signing in to any websites.

How to add or remove email accounts

An email being written that has a signature that includes an image and formatted text.

Make it personal

Create unique signatures, including images, to personalise your emails. For example, use one signature for personal emails and another for your business emails.

How to create and add email signatures

The sidebar in the Mail window showing several mailboxes for an iCloud account.

Organise your email

You don’t need to keep everything in your inbox — mailboxes are an easy way to organise your emails.

How to create or delete mailboxes

The Mail window with “john” in the search field and Top Hits at the top of the search results in the message list.

Find emails fast

It’s easy to find an email message, no matter which mailbox or folder it’s hiding in.

How to search for emails

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If you need more help, visit the Mail Support website.

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