Drag text and objects between iWork documents and other apps

Quickly move text, tables, photos, and other objects between Pages, Numbers, or Keynote documents and other apps on your iPad or Mac.

Use drag and drop to quickly add content from an email, the web, or other apps to your Pages, Numbers, or Keynote document. When you use drag and drop, you're copying the object into the new app, so the object in the original app remains in place. 

Drag and drop on iPad with Multitasking

On an iPad with iOS 11, you can use Multitasking to open two apps at the same time, then drag and drop objects between apps. For example, you can drag an image from an email to your Keynote presentation, drag a table from a Numbers spreadsheet to a Pages document, or drag some text from Pages to a note. Make sure you've updated to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote 3.3 or later.

  1. Turn on Multitasking on your iPad. Go to Settings > General > Multitasking & Dock, and turn on "Allow Multiple Apps" and "Show Suggested and Recent Apps."
  2. Create a new document or open an existing iWork document.
  3. Press the Home button, then open the app that has the object you want to copy.
  4. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Dock.
  5. In the Dock, touch and hold the iWork app you want to open, then enter Slide Over or Split View.
    • If you want to see the apps layered over each other, use Slide Over by dragging the app to the screen.
    • If you want to see the apps side by side, use Split View by dragging the app to the right or left edge of the screen.
      Learn more about Slide Over and Split View.
  6. In the app that has the content you want to copy, touch and hold the item, then drag it into Pages, Numbers, or Keynote and drop it.
    • To select multiple items, touch and hold an item, then continue to hold it while you tap additional items with another finger.
    • To drag and drop text, select the text first, then touch and hold the text until it lifts up.

While you can drag and drop objects from one iWork app to another, you can have only one document open in any iWork app at a time. To copy an object from one document to another in the same app:

  1. Touch and hold the object, then begin to drag it.
  2. With another finger, close the current document.
  3. Open the document you want to drag the object into, then drop the content into it. You can access all the app's features while you're dragging an object, including creating a new document and browsing documents.

Drag and drop on Mac

On a Mac, you can drag and drop to quickly add objects to iWork documents. For example, drag a photo from your Photos library into a Keynote presentation, drag text from an email into a Pages document, and move text within a document.

You can also drag and drop to copy text and tables between iWork documents. For example, you can drag a table (or parts of a table) from a Numbers spreadsheet to a Pages document. When dragging tables, make sure to select all the cells in the table you want to copy before you drag it to the other document.

In Keynote, you can drag a slide from the slide navigator to the Desktop to quickly create a new presentation.

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