Welcome to Maps

Get directions, plan your route, see traffic conditions, and view an estimate of how long your trip will take.

Maps window showing directions to a destination.
The Info window for a pin on the map showing the location’s address and the estimated travel time from your location.

Find where you want to go

Get the exact location for the restaurant, park, business, or vista point you want to visit. Just enter your destination in the search field to see it on the map.

Maps window showing a route to a destination.

Let Maps be your guide

See your route with every street name, turn, and landmark along the way. Enter your starting and ending locations to see the fastest way to get where you’re going, along with time and mileage estimates.

Maps window showing a transit route to a destination and the estimated travel time.

Drive, walk, or share the ride

Pressed for time and need to find the fastest way to get to your destination? Click Drive, Walk, or Transit to find the best travel option.

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