What’s new in Pages for Mac?

Find out about the new features in Pages 12.2 for Mac.

See Latest Activity

Stay up to date on everyone’s recent activity in collaborative documents and receive notifications when others join, comment or make changes.

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New Ways to Share

Share and see updates about your document easily in Messages.

Manage your shared document or send a copy from the File menu.

New Layout Template

Start with a Blank Layout document to arrange text and graphics freely on the page.

Improved Image Background Removal

Remove an image’s background quickly to isolate its subject (requires macOS Ventura).

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And more:

  • Send a message or start a FaceTime call directly from a collaborative document (requires macOS Ventura).

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New in Pages 12.1 for Mac

  • Use mail merge to create personalised letters, cards and envelopes quickly for multiple recipients.
  • Select from stylish new templates for event invitations and student certificates.

New in Pages 12.0 for Mac

  • Publish directly to Apple Books with larger file sizes of up to 2 GB.
  • Use Shortcuts on macOS Monterey to create and open documents.
  • Read comments and track changes using VoiceOver.

New in Pages 11.2 for Mac

  • Publish books with 2-page spreads, optimised images and more flexible versioning.
  • Instant translation lets you translate selected text in up to 11 languages and add the translation to your document with a click.*
  • Flexible collaboration allows participants to add others to a shared document.*
  • Create new documents from the app icon in the Dock.
  • Radar charts can help you visually compare multiple variables at the same time to show similarities and differences in your data easily.

* Requires macOS Monterey

New in Pages 11.1 for Mac

  • Link to web pages, email addresses and phone numbers from objects such as shapes, lines, images, drawings or text boxes.

New in Pages 11.0 for Mac

  • Updated media browser offers enhanced search options and new content categories, such as Recents, Portraits and Live Photos.
  • Add phone number links to table cells, text objects and shapes.
  • Use AppleScript to change a document password or open password-protected documents.
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