The Messages window with several conversations listed in the sidebar at the left, and an active conversation at the right. The conversation includes balloon message effects, a photo, and a Tapback on the last message.

Send unlimited messages

If someone has an Apple device, you can send them unlimited messages using iMessage. Add photos (including Live Photos), Tapbacks, message effects, and more.

How to send messages

The Messages window with several conversations listed in the sidebar at the left, and the active conversation at the right. The message bubbles are green, indicating they were sent as SMS text messages.

Text anyone, on any device

If you have an iPhone, you can send SMS texts to anyone with any device, right from Messages on your Mac. When you get a new text, you don’t have to jump up to get your iPhone—just reply on your Mac.

How to set up your iPhone for SMS text messages on your Mac

Info view, which appears after you click the Info button in a conversation, showing the call, video, and screen sharing buttons below a person’s name.

Go from texting to talking

When you’re in the mood to talk with someone face-to-face or share your screen, you can do it directly from a Messages conversation.

How to make a FaceTime video call from Messages

The Mac desktop with two windows open: the Freeform window with a shared board and options for collaboration, and the Messages app with a conversation showing the same shared board.

Collaborate with a click

Share files, documents, notes, Safari Tab Groups, and more in Messages to start collaborating instantly. See updates on shared projects in the conversation and easily keep in contact with other participants in other apps.

How to collaborate on projects

The Mac desktop with two windows open: the Apple TV app window on the left, showing a TV show in the Shared with You section of the library, and the Messages window with the same TV show shared in a conversation.

Find content shared with you

Easily find links, photos, and other content shared with you in Messages in a Shared with You section in the corresponding app, such as the Apple TV app or Podcasts. You can pin shared content to elevate it and find it more easily in the Info view of the conversation, in Messages search, and in Shared with You.

How to keep track of shared content

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