macOS High Sierra

Resources for your Mac

More information about your Mac

See your version of macOS: Choose Apple menu > About This Mac.

See your computer’s specifications: Choose Apple menu > About This Mac. For more detailed information, click System Report in the Overview pane.

Find your computer’s complete technical specifications: Go to the Apple Support webpage Tech Specs. For technical specifications in other languages, click “Tech Specs in other languages.”

Find your computer’s manual: Go to the Apple Support webpage Manuals. If you don’t see your Mac, click Browse by Product, then click Mac notebooks or Mac desktops. For manuals in other languages, click “Manuals in other languages.”

Tip: You can download the Apple Essentials guide for your Mac from the iBooks Store. Just open iBooks, click the iBooks Store button in the toolbar, then in the Quick Links section on the right, click Apple User Guides.

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Troubleshooting information

Browse or search the Apple Support website, or use the Apple Support Communities website to get information from other Apple users around the world.

Service and repair options

See your options: Choose Apple menu > About This Mac. In the System Information window, click Service, then click “Show my service and repair options.” You may also want to click “Check my service and support coverage status.” For more information, see Service or repair your Mac.

If you can’t open System Information, refer to the Apple Support article About your support coverage and service options.

Tip: If you’re thinking of upgrading to a new Mac, see the Apple Support article What to do before you sell or give away your Mac.