Use Control Centre on your Apple Watch

With one swipe up, you can check your battery and settings. Then you can connect to a speaker, silence your watch and more. 

Open Control Centre

Touch and hold the bottom of the watch face. Wait for Control Centre to appear, then swipe up. You can open Control Centre from any screen. 

Close Control Centre

Swipe down from the top of the watch face. Or press the Digital Crown.

Check your settings and battery

At a glance, you can see which settings are on or off, and tap to change them. 

100% battery power.

Check your battery power or turn on Power Reserve.

Active cellular connection.

Turn cellular on or off.1

Aeroplane Mode button turned on.

Turn Aeroplane Mode on or off. 

Silent Mode turned on.

Turn Silent Mode on or off. 

Do Not Disturb turned on.

Turn Do Not Disturb on or off. Learn about Do Not Disturb

Lock button from Apple Watch Series 1 or earlier.

Lock your Apple Watch.4

Water Lock button from Apple Watch Series 2 or later.

Use Water Lock to prevent accidental taps.2

Find iPhone button.

Play a sound if you can't find your iPhone. Or touch and hold to flash its light. 

Torch button.

Turn on the torch. To turn off the torch, swipe down.

Theater Mode turned on.

Turn Theater Mode, or Theatre Mode, on or off. This setting turns on Silent Mode, and the screen will stay dark until you tap or press a button.3


Enter Schooltime mode.
To add this button to Control Centre, scroll to the bottom, then tap Edit. Tap the add button  on the Schooltime button, then tap Done.

Check your connection

At the top of Control Centre, you can see if your Apple Watch is connected to Wi-Fi, cellular or your iPhone. Learn how your Apple Watch connects to other networks and your iPhone.

Use Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb prevents calls and alerts from making sounds or lighting up the screen. Alarms and heart rate notifications still sound. When Do Not Disturb is on, the Moon icon appears at the top of the screen. When you set Do Not Disturb, you can choose from any of these options:

  • On. Do Not Disturb remains on until you turn it off. 
  • On for one hour. Do Not Disturb automatically turns off after one hour. 
  • On until this evening. Do Not Disturb automatically turns off until 7:00 pm. 
  • On until I leave. Do Not Disturb automatically turns off after you leave the location on the screen. 
  • On until end of event. Do Not Disturb automatically turns off after the event on the screen. 

Buttons being rearranged in Control Centre.

Rearrange Control Centre

  1. Touch and hold the bottom of the watch face, then swipe up to open Control Centre.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Tap Edit to make the buttons jiggle.
  4. Touch and hold a button until it turns white, then drag it to a new location.
  5. When you’ve finished, tap Done or press the Digital Crown.

  1. Available on cellular models of Apple Watch.
  2. Available on Apple Watch Series 2 or later only. Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch (1st generation) aren't suitable for swimming. Learn about water resistance on your Apple Watch
  3. On Apple Watch Series 2 or later, you can also wake your watch by turning the Digital Crown.
  4. If you set a passcode and turned off Wrist Detection, then you can lock your Apple Watch manually using this setting in Control Centre. If you didn't set a passcode (or if you set a passcode and turned on Wrist Detection), you won't see this setting.
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