An Apple TV showing the Home Screen

New to Apple TV?

Learn how to set up your Apple TV for the ultimate cinematic experience.

Set up Apple TV

The Siri Remote (3rd generation)

Get to know the Siri Remote

The Siri Remote (3rd generation) with USB-C gives you unparalleled control with a touch-enabled clickpad.

Learn how to navigate Apple TV

FaceTime example shown on Apple TV.

FaceTime—now playing on your home’s biggest screen

With tvOS 17 and later, you can use your iPhone or iPad camera and microphone with the FaceTime app on Apple TV 4K (2nd generation or later). Relax on the couch while you chat with friends and family or watch a movie together using SharePlay. Make the conversation even more fun with hand gestures that generate screen effects.

Get started using FaceTime on Apple TV

An Apple TV showing the Apple TV app

Home of TV+, MLS Season Pass, and more

The Apple TV app has a new look, making it easier to find all your favorite channels, apps, and content using the new dynamic sidebar. You can update tvOS on all Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K models.

Learn more about the latest tvOS 17 features

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