A grid superimposed on the desktop, where the Mail app is open. The grid divides the desktop into seven columns and four rows, and each cell is numbered 1 through 28. The feedback window is located to the right of the Mail window.

Voice Control

With Voice Control, you can speak commands to dictate and work with text, navigate the desktop and apps, and control your Mac.

How to use Voice Control

The Switch Control Home panel, which includes, from left to right, buttons to control the keyboard, pointer, Dock, menu bar, system controls, custom panels, screen location, and other devices.

Switch Control

If you use adaptive devices, Switch Control makes it easier to enter text, interact with items on the screen, and control your Mac.

How to use Switch Control

The Accessibility Keyboard with typing suggestions across the top. Below is a row of buttons for system controls to do things like adjust display brightness, show the Touch Bar onscreen, and show custom panels.

Accessibility Keyboard

If you have difficulty with a physical keyboard, the Accessibility Keyboard (with Dwell) makes it easier to navigate macOS and enter text.

How to use the Accessibility Keyboard

A panel collection window showing a list of keyboard panels on the left and, on the right, buttons and groups contained in a panel.

Panel Editor

With the Panel Editor, you can create custom panels for use with Switch Control or the Accessibility Keyboard on your Mac.

How to use the Panel Editor

To explore the Voice Control, Switch Control, and Accessibility Keyboard User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page, or enter a word or phrase in the search field.

If you need more help, visit the Apple Accessibility Support website.

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