Apple devices can be enrolled in Profile Manager and assigned to specific users.

Enroll Apple devices in Profile Manager

Enroll Apple devices in Profile Manager so you can manage device settings and features, like setting the device name and assigning devices to specific users.

How to add devices to Profile Manager

Profile Manager can manage Apple devices and manage settings, such as password settings.

Manage enrolled devices remotely

Manage settings for your iOS devices, Apple TV, and Mac computers remotely, using the Profile Manager MDM service.

Create configuration profiles in Profile Manager

Create a device group based on device type, location, or group of users and then set the group to automatically add apps.

Automatically assign apps to devices

After a device is enrolled in Profile Manager, you can create a device group and automatically assign apps to all the devices within the group.

Distribute apps and books with Profile Manager

To browse the Profile Manager User Guide, click Table of Contents at the top of the page.

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